D001001 - Model Builder Magazine Collection

$75.00 each


A complete collection of Model Builder Magazine - over 35,000 pages of content and plans digitally scanned at high resolution and archived on the custom Digitek USB Flash Drive shown at the top of this page.

The Collection also includes a spreadsheet index of all plans and the issue in which the plan appeared.

Thanks for your interest in our project of digitizing and preserving MODEL BUILDER magazine to make it available at reasonable cost.

We have many hundreds of hours in scanning and assembling the 35,000 plus pages back into complete issues.  Every page of each issue of MODEL BUILDER is scanned at 300 dpi, the same resolution used for preparing magazines for printing, and converted into PDF files that can be read and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

We have a license from Adobe to distribute the Reader software and it is included on the USB flash drive for those who don't already have it installed.  Also included is an index of plans and the issue in which they were published.  There are two versions of the index, one an Excel spreadsheet and the other a PDF file.  With either of these files you can find a given plan and its issue and article quickly and easily.  Thanks for Mark Fineman for providing the index.

Price for the complete set of 295 issues on two DVDs is $75 US.  Free Shipping Anywhere in the World !!

Copies of Model Builder magazines are selling for between $2 to $5 or more per issue on eBay (plus shipping) - $75 for 295 issues is about 25 cents per issue - Volume 1, Number 1 actually sells for between $50 and $200 IF you can find a copy - Now you can have your own complete set !! - Free Shipping Anywhere in the World !!

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